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"Kamnitzer's spirited hospitality brings the dining room to life. Hushed conversations turn boisterous, as diners, victim to his boundless charm, are left in a state of giddy elation long after Kamniter has disappeared into the kitchen."
-Teresa O'Neal - Scottsdale Scene

"After finishing all this I thought the best descriptor for Razz's food was "happy." No one could possibly eat this food and not emerge very satisfied and happy to have eaten at this wonderful new entry."
-John Mariani - Esquire & PRODIGY (R) Interactive Personal Service

"In a city where most top chefs build their menus, however loosely, around southwestern themes, Erasmo "Razz" Kamnitzer, a Venezuelan, is an exuberant exception …Razz's menu is all over the map - a little French, Italian, Asian, Southwestern."
-Bryan Miller - New York Times

"Barring an outbreak of Ebola virus, this place is going to pack them in. It's already on my short list of favorite Valley restaurants."
-Howard Seftel - New Times

"Before RoxSand, before Vincent, before Tarbell, before Eddie, there was Razz. Though he has never given it a catchy label, he was the first local chef to fuse a panoply of cultural influences into a smooth, cohesive and highly personal style"
-Elin Jeffords - Scottsdale Tribune

Recent Awards... 

Top 20 Restaurants in Arizona 
1999 & 1998 Gourmet Readers Poll 

Best place to entertain foodies 
1997 New Times -Howard Seftel - Restaurant Critic  

Cheers! The 25 best new 
Restaurants in the USA 
1996 Esquire John Mariani -Restaurant critic 

Best new restaurant 
1996 New Times Howard Seftel - Restaurant Critic  

Culinarian of the Year 
1996 Chef's association of Greater Phoenix  

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